M6416A USB issue

i am trying to use openwrt (actuell trunk) with my m6416a router for home automation. I connected my air quaility USB Stick to the router. To read the air quality values a use a home automation system, called “FHEM” on the mini router. The router is very unstable in reading these values from the USB Stick, i get many read errors, sometimes the router looses connection to the air quality stick. I have already tried different passive USB-HUB’s. With some hubs i will get no connection, with other hub’s i get a non reliable connection. I have tried also active USB-Hubs, same situation. Did you have any hints for me ? I have heard that the AR9331 chipset is known for USB Problem’s. Is that true ? For now i use a power supply with 2 Ampere.

regards Klaus

Additional information:
The air measure stick will be recognizes as “usb 1-1.1: new full-speed USB device number 3 using ehci-platform” by the router.

@Rampler, AR9331 does have some bugs with wifi and USB 1.1, but this bug has been corrected by software.

If you only have problem with USB, not wifi, it means not that bug. Also, be sure to upgrade to the newest firmware GL.iNet download center