MAC cloning issue Beryl GL-Mt1300

I just recently got my first Beryl router, and I’m having issues with using a randomly generated MAC clone. I’m using Beryl in repeater mode. The MAC clone address sometimes does, and sometimes does not, show up on my ISP provided router. Instead the ISP router will show a totally unknown address associated with the Beryl device. It’s not my true Beryl MAC address but something close, like with one or two letters/numbers changed. I’m puzzled.

Has anyone else had something like this happen? Any advice is much appreciated. My Beryl is upgraded to current version 3.215

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This looks like a bug. did you click the apply button?

The device has only one real MAC, but multiple interfaces. You can see the details in LuCI → Network → Interface → Devices.

Thanks yuxin.zou. Yes, I am clicking apply.

After some experimenting, I’m noticing that it happens consistently after I disconnect the Beryl from the ISP router. When I reconnect the Beryl to the ISP router, the random cloned address does not show up on the ISP, but rather Beryl connects to the ISP with an address that, like I mentioned before, is similar but not the same as my real Beryl MAC address.

But, if I then go again to Beryl’s MAC clone setting, and reset the random cloned address to another, new random clone address (and click apply) the Beryl will then disconnect itself from the ISP, and rejoin the ISP router with the correct random cloned address.

At your suggestion, I looked at LuCi → Network → Interface→ Devices while doing this, and I notice that when I initially reconnect to the ISP (and have the wrong address show up on the ISP router), the WAN, WAN6 interfaces show me connected by VLAN to the proper cloned MAC address, but the WWAN address shows me connected to a non-cloned address that is similar -but not the same- as either my true Beryl MAC or any of the Beryl LAN MAC addresses in interface.

Then upon resetting the random cloned address to a new one on Beryl, checking LuCi → Network → Interface→ Devices shows WAN, WAN6, WWAN all showing the correct cloned address. And the ISP router also shows correct cloned address.

If I do this same sequence using my real Beryl MAC, the WWAN shows up on both LuCi and the ISP router as the similar address i keep mentioning, while WAN, WAN6 show my true MAC.

The repeater (WWAN) will use a different MAC than the WAN port, this is normal. The MAC on the device label is only the MAC of the WAN port.

But MAC Clone does not working sounds like a bug. Thank you for your feedback, we will check it.

3.215 actually fixed a bug in mac clone for MT1300 repeater.

Hmmm, odd that I am still experiencing the problem if it has been fixed. If you have any suggestions about next steps, do let me know. Beryl shows that I am updated to 3.215. Thanks!