Manage VPN remotely in app

I gave a Mango router to my non-technical mother, with NordVPN set up so she can watch BBC iPlayer wherever she happens to be. I’ve enabled Goodcloud remote access but I read this doesn’t let you control VPN settings remotely.

Anyone have any workarounds or ideas when this might be possible? Inevitably the server she’s connected to currently will go down, and I won’t be able to change settings unless I’m there with her, rendering the device useless.

I don’t use GC but if you can confirm GC & NordVPN work as expected at the same time, that’d be a great help. If you can SSH into the Mango thru the GoodCloud web console via the ‘ssh’ icon/function, you certainly should be able to.

To add to this, they can both work at the same time.
And the connection between the device and GoodCloud remains available when the VPN is disconnected unless the user manually turns on “Services from GL.iNet Use VPN”.