Mango/Beryl/BerylAX comparison

I finally was reunited with my Beryl, so I wanted to set the Mango, Beryl and Beryl AX side by side and compare their speeds in a travel router environment. The Mango ran 3.215, while I used the 4.1B3 for the Beryl and the 1/29 snapshot for the BerylAX. The results are in the following chart.
Unfortunately the local router is only AC, so the 1G/35m speed didn’t come through for the AX, and OpenVPN on the Beryl was a fail (connecting, but apparently no DNS). My max speed from a laptop without the GL-inet router was 436/41, and with the AX in the mix was 273/38; with Wireguard it was 243/39.

I then tested Wireguard to VPN Unlimited over a wired connection, and got a speed of 324/39. So well over the claimed max of 300, with upload limited to my ISP speed.