Mango drops and stops communication with clients

I’ve Mango running on firmware 3.215 in router mode with less than 5 clients connected. Communication is either over TCP or UDP.
After a couple of hours the communication with clients drops and they lose the connection.
Ca’t open the admin page via the ip address in the browser, but I can join a new device on the SSID of the mango (but can’t communicate as described above).
It is a standard install, no extra packages. But activated Lucie.
Tried without it but same results.

It is uses in combination with a nautical navigation program and is utterly frustrating when the navigation dies when approaching new harbours etc. like sailing like a blind man in the dark.
Mango serves as the router with an iPad and multiplexer connected as a WiFi client.

For know the Mango has proven not to be trusted and is nominated for the trash bin, so this call is his last change for survival :wink:
Any ideas?

  • Do you have a device that can use Ethernet? That’s always a more sure fire way to connect.
  • See if you can download a free Wi-Fi diagnostics app; it should help give a survey of your site for competing/overlapping radios/frequencies &/or the signal, SNR of the Mango.

Thanks for the ideas. I think I had to mention that it is used on board of a boat, so no surrounding or other frequencies and also no ethernet…

Yeah; I got nothing. If I were in your position, I’d pull the unit & try it connected up via Ethernet & check if the Wi-Fi’s radios are set to ‘max’ … & watch it for a bit via a Wi-Fi Diagnostics app on my phone. IDK what you’re doing for a power source but a source from wall/residential AC might do it.

Sorry; you’ve got a strange case going on there. I’d just flash f/w v. 3.216 fr wall AC & see if that helps beforehand though.