Mango excluded from app?

Today I noticed on GL-iNet app on my phone I can touch any device and see it’s statistics but none of the mango devices will show me the same statistics, they just sit there and do nothing. All have been upgraded to at least 3.201, is there something else I need do to be able to access mangoes from good cloud app on the phone?

Could you give me a screen recording video about this?
I just test it with Mango 3.203 on local mode, it can show statistics info.

I uninstalled the GL app, and reinstalled it. (Aside, it kept the data and never asked me to sign in …) and still no Mango joy.

Video uploaded to youtube -

What next?

There are two versions of the GL-iNet applications available in the Play Store…

Have you tried both?

(I wasn’t even aware that such applications existed until I came across this thread so thank you).

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Well thank YOU as I must have missed any announcement on the ‘new’ app.

Indeed, I can connect to and manipulate settings on Mango’s using the ‘new’ app. I still like the old one, but it does not control Mango’s for me. (Phone is Motorola 5UGW android / Verizon)

Thanks again.


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