Mango or something else

Dear all,
I’ve read some posts here, but still not sure about my best option.
I’m planning to buy one of the travel routers and in the need of your suggestion. While I might use it for traveling, I mostly wish to use it as a small vpn (Windscribe) router between my main router and a US restricted media player — connected using the ethernet ports. Considering that my home internet in the UK is rather slow, around 40mb, I’m wondering whether buying a AR300M or AR750, instead of the Mango, would provide any advantages, especially when it comes to speed. Please advise me on this when you have a chance.
Thank you.

I would go for the Brume (does not have built-in WiFi) if you can afford to do so as this is what I am using for a similar purpose here in the UK. The Slate is also a reasonable choice for that purpose but the Mango and the less powerful bunch of the range will struggle to get you the right speed with VPN for proper streaming. Others here with more experience might give you more advice.

Thanks Almahadeus, Brume is a bit pricey, but will look into it.

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