Mango router MT300N reboot and can not connect to ap

My MT300N router keeps rebooting if I try to connect in repeater mode.

i tried flash the newest firmware and updating uboot. But it still do not work.

any ideas to what could be wrong?
i have some photos of the setting from luci

Do not use luci to configure MT300n-V2 wifi. It is not compatible.

You can just use the default UI.

Thank you for your reply. if i just use the GL inet GUI, then it still can not connect. It can find the network and it says success when i connect to it. But it is like the bridge is not made.

It is not getting an ip from the “main” router.
But it is connected to it.

So the router cannot get IP address from the main router when using as repeater, right?

Just to clarify there is not reboot now.

Can you ssh to the router and get the log using “logread”?