Mango unable to overide android's DoT


As with other router firmwares, mango router is unable to override the android phone’s own private dns, i guess it’s a good thing when you are connected to 3rd party networks

is this intended or is there a configuration on the mango i missed ?

Already checked both ‘override dns for all clients’ and ‘dot by cloudflare’ on the mango

edit also, is ‘enforce dnssec’ option necessary or its already default for cloudflare dns hence not required?

Open cloudflare, and then check if there is any DNS leak. You can use the following methods

  1. Visit
  2. Click Standard Test
  3. Wait for test results

You can use Manual DNS Server Settings

There’s no leak of ISP DNS,

With Android 9 private DNS, VPN 's DNS still overrides Android private DNS

With Android 10, Android DNS still prevail after connected to vpn

Is your android device set with static DNS?

Yes , the private DNS function available in Android 9 and 10

If the mobile phone is set with static DNS, the data analysis will preferentially use the mobile static DNS resolution.the DNS settings we route will not overwrite the DNS settings set by the phone

Is the problem resolved? Can you share it? Also, is the dns set on your android encrypted? Thank you

It’s as your said, the DoT on the phone overrides over the routers DoT

Thank you for your feedback.