Maswell 5G Antenne 4X4 MIMO + Dualband-WLAN-Antenne?

hi everyone,

Although my internet signal is very good with the original GL-X3000 antennas, I would like to improve it further by using external antennas. My question is: would these external antennas be compatible with the GL-X3000?

If you have any other antenna suggestions from, I would be grateful.

THANK YOU in advance


wlan antennas (i want a bit more range):ängerungskabel-Bluetooth-Karte-Netzwerk-Router/dp/B09XHBFXXH/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&s=ce-de&sr=1-2

5g/4g antennas:


The connector of cellular and Wi-Fi external antenna can be compatible with X3000. But regarding their performance, to actually test it to compare.

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