Microuter and OpenVPN: No Internet

Hi - just a few days ago I received my 25 Microuter I ordered with you.

Trying to set them up as needed and exactly the same as the previously owned 7 pieces, I can do everything just fine and including Internet connection right up to the moment where I want to start either one of two OpenVPN profiles (the exact same run on a bunch of Slate and MiFi and 7 about 3 to 4 month “old” Microuter.
I can’t even start up the VPN, I get “No internet”. If I check, I’ve certainly got Internet connection on the Microuter.

A tech-friend of mine who checked on this problem appar3ently reported this issue to GL-iNet at least 2 weeks ago, without ever getting a response.
Well, I’ve just parted with a lot of money (25 Microuter, 10 Slate, 3 MiFi) and now I can’t use the Microuter - that is not accepatble.
I need to resolve this at the soonest - what can we - you and I - do to remedy this situation?

Thank you and best regards.

“No internet” is a bug in the old firmware, you can upgrade to the latest test firmware to try, you can download firmware in GL.iNet download center

Here is a guide to flash firmware. Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

Thanks for the quick reply - although a got a question or 2 for you:
How can it be, th atmy 3 - 4 month “older” Microuter with the same firmware don’t show this problem? It’s v3.001 on both.

And them of course, I’m far from being amused by having to upgrade 25 Microuter to a test-firmware all by hand … and probably loosing all my configurations.
I strongly suggest, that GL-iNet corrects that bug in the productive firmware and releases a 3.002 version, which can then can update the Microuters regularly.
Test-firmware releases are NOT for production - as the name already implies.

This link here [quote=“dzwghx, post:2, topic:7911”]
Here is a guide to flash firmware. Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs
does NOT tell me anything about the Microuter which is the affected hardware.

As you know bugs can show themselves in many ways. Randomly, corrupt settings etc. Just cos one device works well doesn’t mean another will to if there is a bug somewhere. It just hasn’t shown itself yet.

The “testing” firmware is completely stable for every day use, more stable than running the first versions of v3 actually.

I’d think, that a customer who’s spent $2’000 on products very recently, would rate some after-sales attention from his supplier - or am I so last century to not get what’s on in these modern times?
Spending this kind of money for a start and intending to spend a lot more in the future, but not rating a corrected software release for one of the products, is not my understanding of high quality and therfor not the way to build ones reputation.

Bugs are ubiquitous, no doubt. Bugs crushing and offering the (tested) remedy in the most customer friendly way possible - which in this case is a simple v3.002 by way of online update - is certainly expected in the shortest possible timeframe.
As we know, this bug has been known since several weeks. Too bad, it’s a bug keeping us from utilizing the Microuter as it’s destined to be used - so it’s to no use at all to us!

So, I’d really whish, tech staff at GL-iNet would address and solve this issue soonest.

Thank you.

Will release asap. Thanks!