MiFi dropping cell and wifi

Hi all,

Running latest 3.105 firmware and have been since it was released. Haven’t used the device much since summer, but it never gave me this problem doing the same stuff… this is configured as a router using a t-mobile sim card in an EC25-AF.

So tonight, I decided to power it up and do the usual speed tests (fast dot com, speedtest dot net, speedtest app, whatever). Things I’ve done for like 1.5 years since owning this product but not sure I’ve done since upgrading to 3.105 as I don’t use the device much during winter.

It seems 75% of the time, under load caused by a speed test or loading something large, the mifi restarts itself. The signal bars (all illuminated) will go dark and a second later the wifi light shuts off too, I get kicked from the network, and the product restarts itself.

I tried modem reset, then factory reset, nothing seems to help. Has anyone noticed this? It almost feels like a power issue, but the battery is fine visually (not swollen) and fully charged. This happens with or without being plugged in to charge (tried a few 5v adapters all above 2 amps)

Any ideas? Thanks!

Personal experience with x750 is I went back to 3.104. Was getting weird issues also with 3.105.

That’ll be my next step. Strangely, after posting this last night I continued to test and have done 10 or so speed tests without it shutting off. Before posting I had done probaby 15-20 tests with 75%+ failure rate.

Problematic because I won’t be able to rest assured that a firmware downgrade solved it if I’m not longer able to reproduce it (for an hour, a day, a week, who knows). On the upside this is an opportunity to upgrade to something more robust than the mifi and that supports ipv6

Maybe you can lower the tx power when you see this.