MiFi External connections

For the MiFi is there any way to connect power without using the Micro USB port? i.e. can we feed 5V from a regulator into the 5V and GND pins on the lower side of the board or will that cook something? On the AR150 it is easy to do because you can connect 5V and GND to the two pins that are designed to the POE module to rest in, but nothing like that exists on the MiFi.

Also I see that the EC25 cards have connectors for external antennae. Do they have a built in antennas, or do you have to use external ones? If external ones are required/desired, is that something you guys also sell or where would we have to track those down from?

Need to ask hardware engineer about this power thing.

EC25 doesn’t have any built-in antennas. If you buy mifi with modules, we will have an antenna inside of the mifi. It has uFL connector and connect to the module.

Okay yes please let me know about power. Basically we are hoping to use MiFi as the logic controller for a cellular based IoT project. The system needs to be powered by 12V, so we have a 12V -> 5V regulator board but it’s far more convinient/better to be able to directly wire from header pins between the regulator board and MiFi then to have to get Micro-USB pigtails just to supply power!

EDIT: Just noticed that in the picture on the MiFi page one of the images shows the circuit board for version 2.2. On that version of PCB there is a 2 hole position J19 that is marked V_5V and Gnd, which looks like exactly what I would need. Can you confirm this?


Is the included cell antenna built into the MiFi plastic case then, or? Because we will be using the GPIO headers to integrate with other components I had thought to remove the case and just use the main Mifi circuit board (we are already putting all components into a larger plastic enclosure anyway), but if the antenna is part of the case may have to change that plan. Is there also an antenna for Wifi, or is that built onto the PCB? (I think the domino core board that powers MiFi has a uFL connector too no?)

The wifi antenna is on the PCB. Of course it has a uFL connector and if you want to use external antenna, you need to remove one resistor in the PCB to detach the PCB antenna.

The 4G antenna is attached to the case using double sided type. You can detach the antenna from the case and stick it to your new case.

I am confirming with hardware engineer about v2.2 MiFi.

Does your MiFi comes with a battery?

I confirm that you can use J19 to power up the mifi

Okay excellent all of these answers are good news for us! I will request approval from our purchasing department to get a single unit for testing purposes. We have a high level sales presentation planned for 2nd week of August, and if that goes well we could be looking at several hundred units so we will definitely be in touch.

We will not require a battery in the MiFi for our application.