MiFi LTE questions

LTE Needed:
Canada: 2,4,5,7,12,13,17,29
Mexico: 2,4
United States: (Tmobile,ATT) 2,4,12,17,30,66 (Verizon) 2,4,13 CDMA BC0 800, BC1 1900

Least needed for N America: 2,4,12,13,17,30,66
Verizon is ditching CDMA so it will no longer be needed. It also no longer activates CDMA phones.
Any chance of having a modem that supports those 7 bands?
Also can I swap out the modems?

Yeah you can use any module you want, but apart from some Sierra Wireless and the Quectel modules, they are untested. It should be controlled via usb.

To get the coverage you want use the AT&T Quectel module (EC25-A), it would give you:
FDD LTE: B2/B4/B12

If you search for Sierra here in the forums you will find a few modules that users have tested, they are global 4G so they have basically all the available bands, but at a cost, they are around 100+ dollars per module.

New Quectel EG25-G? News & PR | Quectel

That module looks ideal. I’d certainly get it.

Can the MiFi use the EM series 7400 or 7500 Sierrawireless cards?

The entire MC series by Sierra is inferior to the EG25-G from what I can tell. Only Seirras EM series is better.

@dvdivx You can probably try and contact people in these 2 threads:

See if they can tell you if they got it working in the end or not.

Also about the Quectel. Even if the Sierra ones might look inferior, they are not. With the Sierra modules people are getting much higher throughput, close to the spec, while the Quectel modems do not deliver anything even close to spec. They also have buggier firmware on them. That is why the Sierra modems cost 100+ dollars, while the Quectel’s cost just 30 (depending which ones ofc).