MiFi questions

Hello, I have two questions regarding mifi

What are the mifi board operating temperature specification ???

the antenna conectors on the Quectel EC20-E are simple u.fl conectors wich I can buy u.fl to sma conectors on ebay?

Generally 0 to 75 degree C. But it does works in lower temperature, although we haven’t test the limit.

Yes, for the antennas.

We now have finished product, which will be available on website very soon.

Ok nice. My concerns where with the up temperature limits as I plan to use it in outdoors and I live in a relative hot place in sumer. those limits seem enough.

So I gess i will wait for the finished product.
I hope we can unmount and mount it in an outdoor enclousure.




@mocho, the finished product is available now. Anyway, you cannot put in under the sun to heat it.