MiFi - support for WLAN in PCI Express Slot

I want to use the m9331 MiFi to create a dual-band router, with the LAN AP running in the 5 GHz band, and the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio used as the WAN client. Are there any restrictions or potential problems with placing a PCI Express Wi-Fi module in the PCIe slot? Any reason this Intel 6300 would not work?

The software will be OpenWRT Chaos Calmer.


if ive read the documenttion right , bear in mind that the pcie slot isnt full pcie it only uses the USB pins of the slot

Thanks - I was looking for PCIe as a way to avoid the seeming “implementation shortcomings” in USB Wi-Fi. If this PCIe really is only USB in a different form factor, then I can stick with the variety of USB dongles with the standard USB type A connector. I can confirm that my Intel 6300 Ultimate N 633ANHMW module definitely uses the PCIe signals and not the USB signals.



@Dan is correct. These PCIe is only physical, actually they are USB interfaces.