MiFi: Verizon EC25-V 4G - US Sprint?

hi all

the mifi doesn’t show a US Sprint chip, only a Verizon EC25-V 4G.

question: does work on cdma Sprint or i be always roam on Verzion cdma?


p.s. i see Sprint chip:



alzhao, how many order to make US Sprint MiFi for wholesale vendor?

thank you!

I heard that in the US, only Verizon need the module to be verified. Other carriers don’t need this. So there is a EC25-V for verizon and EC25-A for the rest carriers.

Isn’t this correct?

my understanding is Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile use CDMA LTE

ATT + everyone else uses GSM 4G

so i think Verizon chip have better compatibility with Sprint…

i could buy EC25-V 4G MiFi and test - i just want guidance from forum experts, so i no return item if no OK.

perhaps @rangerz might comment?


I have an EC-20 and was never able to get it run reliably on ATT even though the card specs met the carrier specs.

My analysis attached is a year old, so not sure what has changed. I show ATT and T-Mobile on GSM and Verizon and Sprint on CDMA, but not sure this is correct, at least now. CDMA is 3G tech. I think they are all on 4g tech. My ATT iPhone indicator says either ATT or LTE on it, so I assume it’s switching tech depending on location.

The EC-25 overall card specs show 3g as WCDMA and 2 types of 4g, with only FDD-LTE supported on the relevant (US Market) -A and -V cards.

All this means little. What we have not discussed is “Bands” and “Frequencies” (about half way down my document - again a year old).

Sprint and Verizon use totally different LTE bands (25,26,41) vs (2,4,13)and mostly different frequencies so the -V will probably not work for Sprint and there does not appear to be a product solution from the vendor for B25.

That said the EC25-A does meet the specs for both AT&T and T-Mobile. It also looks like Verizon should work too. This gives me concern about either or both my year old data or overall general compatibility. It’s probably worth validating the various carriers direction for their primary bands. the EC25-V spec would indicate my info is incorrect.

I do not know what is meant by verified, though interpret this to be they have qualified it through actual testing and can tell one the proper parameters to make it work. When I activated my EC-20 at ATT they checked the IEME number and knew what type of board it was and the vendor, but they were not able to help be configure it.

NOTE: not stated in my file is that each carrier has multiple bands and frequencies, but not all in all locations. the first is the primary band or frequency and the direction for new installations or upgrades (worth validating). The others are a result of acquisition. You will probably not find any information of which bands are served in which locations.

I think that the solution is to field test the cards and that if it does not work off the bat try the config in multiple locations (towers).

The Sierra wireless cards are about 4x the price in general, but it seems there is a good price on Amazon for the 7355 card, but you only get the B25 band. Looks like the 7455 will work for all but is close to $200



thank you very much for extensive response @ranger - rather new to this realm, not sure understand all

here situation as is:

remote usa location
hotspot device, no antenna port + sprint sim
ar-150 via wisp
lte connection on B5 & B12 (goal is B41)
RSRP -110db to -115db (but stable/sustained vpn’d 2 Mbit/s down = prime + netflix + browse simulaneously)

question: assesing options to enhance signal - want to figure out kit options, e.g.:

  1. ar-150 —[via usb]>>> USB Adapter Mini PCI-E w/ SIM adapter + Sierra Wireless mc7455 + Sprint SIM —>>> SMA Male to N Male —>>> Proxicast 11 dBi Yagi High Gain 3G / 4G / LTE / xLTE / Wi-Fi Universal Fixed Mount Directional Antenna

  2. Passive External Antenna Adapter Cable Pigtail FME Male connector + Proxicast

  3. persuade @alzhao to make a mifi w/ sierra wireless mc7455 w/ external antenna input (would be best seller!)

Thank You!
p.s. existing device frequencies:

LTE B2: 1900 PCS
LTE B5: 850
LTE B25: 1900
LTE B26: 850
LTE B41: 2500

Other alternatives, if you have a capable sprint phone

1 tether an AR-150 (etc) to the phone if suported

2 set your phone to be a hot spot and use the AR-150 (etc) to connect in WISP mode.

sierra is so expensive and we thought there is no market in hobbyist.

Even using Quectel modem is expensive. Each module is tens of dollars and we cannot keep too many module in stock. For such a small quantity it is difficult to purchase anything. China market is wild and we were always be able to find something. But it is still difficult to get the right quantity in time.

I really have no answer for sierra modem, although they have an office just above my floor.

hmm - to be continued



Can you confirm that the EC25-A is for both T-Mobile AND AT&T? The spec sheet from Quectel lists only B2/B4/B12, so it appears to be missing B5/B17 for AT&T. However, B17 is AT&T’smost common band, so I cannot imagine they could list this modem as AT&T compatible without B17.


What is the possibility of using Sierra MC7455 cards in Mifi? I know that they are very expensive for a hobbyist, but they have the best support of carriers and can be switched whenever you want without changing the modem. It seems that these modems are supported in R00ter build of OpenWRT as well as several GL.Inet routers, but not MiFi.