Mini PoE Module


this poe module Mini PoE Module — GL.iNet work with

Shipping time to Italy?

No. It only works with AR150 and AR750.

To power AR150 and AR750 with poe shoud connect a poe injector to wan port? The module should be insert inside the mainboard? I have this poe injector
Is this right to power AR150 or AR750?

You need to open the case and solder the PoE module to the board. Not recommended for common user. Just buy a PoE version which already has the PoE module soldered.

The injector should be ok.

I understand this is an old thread. I just ordered a AR150-ext from a seller on eBay, curious how I might know if I have a POE model?

You can read the label on the back of the item.

AR150-PoE and AR150-Ext-PoE are the PoE versions.

If you can only read “AR150-Ext”, which seems to be the case, then it is very likely that it isn’t PoE

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Thank you, I wasn’t sure if the label would reflect a POE module or not.
If shipping wasn’t 3x the price of the just $8 module itself I’d order one and solder it in the little guy.

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