Minimizing internet data

I have a GL.iNet GL-AR150-Ext-2 with a 3G USB Dongle for internet. I am looking to reduce the data costs for internet use. I was wondering if the router uses data for: Checking the internet connection, checking for updates, usage stats, or any other traffic? If so can they be disabled?

The router is used for an IoT device to send sensor readings - its about 100 bytes sent in one transaction every hour, so if the router is doing stuff on its own too often it will impact data use.

Thanks in advance, BTW router has been rock solid for months, very happy with it!

Yes, of course. The contract is with your cellphone provider, not your hardware devs, right? :slight_smile:

Almost all background checks can be disabled and I’m currently using the Testflight version and it seems that the (realtime) statistics are just refreshing when you open the app, not if it’s running in the background. I don’t know if that’s a bug or they thought that’s a good idea. But in the app you can use even online on the go QoS to single out and take speed away / block devices while on the road.

I’ll have a look at that. There are no other devices on wifi, its a remote location, i disable autoconnect for my phone when i visit the site. My question was more for activity on the router itself rather than traffic generated by client. I’ll go over there soon because i need to reflash my iot device anyway.