Minirouter as VPN client on local network


I have a home network with several PC’s, laptops, NAS and satellite receivers.

I want some of these devices behind a VPN client but also accessable in the local network.

Is this possible with the AR300M or AR750S minirouter ?

And if yes, how must I configure the router ?

Thank you very kindly.

So you want:

  • The client device’s data goes via the VPN
  • The client devices can be accessed in local network

So there is one question, what do you mean “local network”? The router’s WAN side?

Do you want the client devices be able to access the WAN side subnet or be accessible? Pls note this is very different.

Can you pls draw a diagram?

my idea was, to setup the AR300M with a VPN client and add by mac address several devices which uses the VPN but at the same time, remain accessable to the local network which is

The devices connected to AR300M, i.e. with IP 192.168.8.x always can talk with each other.

I thought you mean this general problem: once 192.168.8.x goes to VPN they cannot access AR300M’s WAN, suppose it is 192.168.1.x.