MiniRouter Wifi Tethering With Mi-Note10 Not Working

Hello Bro, i have a strange issue with our customer GL-AR300M-NOR and GL-MT300N-V2.

When we scan Wifi through web admin panel it didn’t show the SSID where other device such as laptop, phone successfully detect it.

We have verified the band is set to 2.4Ghz @Channel 13.

From my understanding 2.4Ghz band should only start from 1 to 11, not sure when in Indonesia and Japan 12-14 is opened.

I believe this is due minirouter band only scanning up to channel 11, Is there any work around to mitigate this issue ?

Hello any advise ?
Can this fix in software layer or must be set in the hardware ?

In general, the device does not support 13 channels.
You can try changing the country code to JP in luci’s radio configuration options.

Thanks it is working now, however the wireless configuration in GL Admin panel didn’t show 13 as available channel in the selection list.

Seems it doesn’t reflect luci country frequency configuration, but after all it’s working thanks.

Yes. This is definitely a bug.