Missing flint beta firmware


There was a beta version for flint 3.209 and I flashed my router with it, it seems it fixed some instabillities which I had with stubby and nextdns for some reason it runs now for week without me needing to restart it, thats great!:grin: and my wifi worked better but still I noticed some disconnects but I start to believe its the sleep feature of my phone… The logs only tell me it normally de-associate so I guess that the device did it.

But when I look back to the download page its not there anymore?


Found one bug and have to draw back. Will post again once fixed.

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yeah its same for microuter N300. still no new firmware.

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is the bug cosmetic or critical?
209 is the only version that works stable with my Flint

There is now a beta 3.212 on the download site. There are however no release notes attached.