Mngo GL Port

I would like to control a Mango router as the second in line via VPN. What internal port does the dashboard use so I can access it? I can’t get any further with port 80n

I don’t really understand the question.
Ports are the usual ones, so 80 and 443 (not sure for https on Mango)

I set up a Mango as a VPN and connected a second one to it via LAN, which works as an additional router that simply provides the same network, just on a different WLAN channel than the first. Now, like all other devices that are connected to the first Mango, I also want to reach the second Mango via a tunnel. However, for this I need to know the port of the dashboard in order to route the IP and then be able to access it.

So as I said it’s 80 and 443.

But I am not sure if there isn’t another issue in your setup. If the 2nd Mango is connected via WAN port you need to adjust the firewall as well since the ports are closed on WAN side.

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Unfortunately does not work. The firewall is set correctly and ports 80 and 443 are routed and open. Unable to access…

Without a network diagram and routing plan it will be hard to help.

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