Mosquitto in Domino Pi

I am trying to use mosquitto_pub/sub in domino pi.
I installed libmosquitto, mosquitto and mosquitto_client using web interface (domino.local)
When I am running the command it is telling
Error: Connection refused
what can be wrong ?

can you give a little more details of how you run the command? I may have a try.

for subscribing
mosquitto_pub -t TOPIC_NAME

for publishing to the topic
mosquitto_pub -t TOPIC_NAME -m "MESSAGE"

This 2 commands are enough for running mosquitto basic.
you can even directly run the above commands exactly as-is.

but it is giving error.

EDIT: while submitting only “mosquitto” for starting the broker, it is saying
1442508626: Error: Invalid user 'mosquitto'.

you can ask more questions if required.

Hi I found a >> solution << given by WeIO
Saved your time alzhao :slight_smile:
anyways thanks, will ask more questions in future :slight_smile:

can you pls post your solutions here. Thanks.

I kept >> and << because it is not showing links with different color or underline.
you can click on solution.
Which will take you to