Mounted Drives: Incorrect Size & Free Space - openwrt-ar750s-3.105

Mounted drives (SD + USB) on GL-AR750S with latest *3.105 showing incorrect size and free space, even though when directly connected to PC, sizes are correct. GL-Samba maybe pointing them by default to root instead of: /dev/sda1 & /dev/sdb1 I suppose; as what I see on the network from the router is rather the folder GL-Samba > ‘sd’ & ‘usb’. Used to be I recall: sda1 > ‘sd’ & sdb1 > ‘usb’. Never had (GL-Samba) folder showing and the the router showed the drives right sizes…

In my case, connected unwritten 128GB drives both (usb + sd), each size is being reduced to a mere 92 ~ 95mb. Can someone please advise and/or look into it?

Thank you

you can select which path to mount in the UI. What does it display in the list?

Thanks for your input. In the UI it shows:

/mnt/Usb (Where here ‘Sd’ & ‘Usb’ represent the labels of both connected drives)

That’s it!
I’ve tried several times all of them with same results, no change. The sizes still reduced to 95 ~ 97.5MB from 128GB each media, that is. Even while going inside the Advanced Settings of root on Luci, taking a closer look, the sda1 path seems not to work and only the sdb1 path “stands” despite after trying to edit the settings. I have done every possible path but to no avail…

Again, I recall back with older software (firmware) when it worked correctly, I did not see the drives inside ‘GL-Samba’ folder as it never showed up to start with, but rather only as with paths: sda1/drive(share) & sdb1/drive(share), and using [only]: “/mnt” in the UI, ignoring everything else.

Something is certainly broken somewhere. These are brand new drives (sd & usb) formatted as NTSF, also despite trying exFAT (just to see), unfortunately with same outcome.