MT-1300 ExtRoot Issues

Hello, I recently got a used MT-1300 and it works great for general network usage, but I’m looking to extend the file system so that I can install File Sharing. I’ve followed this guide many times, and while it works initially, it always goes back to factory default (the built-in filesystem). It looks like /dev/mtdblock6 is mounting to /overlay when my micro SD card should be the one mounting to /overlay. Is there a reason this would be happening? I’ve attached photos below of what my OpenWRT Mount Points page looks like. Thank you for the assistance.

Edit: Just noticed that the mount point is not correct. I’m going to try to change that and see if it helps.
Edit 2: My idea above did not fix the issue. /dev/mtdblock6 is still mounting as /overlay when it should be /dev/mmcblk0p1 mounting to /overlay.
Edit 3: Now I’m thinking maybe my SD card is getting corrupted. I ran fsck.ext4 /dev/mmcblk0p1 and got the following:

ext2fs_check_desc: Corrupt group descriptor: bad block for block bitmap
fsck.ext4: Group descriptors look bad… trying backup blocks…
Superblock has an invalid journal (inode 8).

The micro SD card works just fine after running fsck. Is there a reason why the micro SD card would be corrupting?

Did you ever figure this out? I just got one and I am having the same issue. I’m not sure if it’s the sd card or a the sd card driver that is broken on openwrt

Unfortunately, no. I’m considering just installing Samba on the internal flash even though it would only leave me with like 5% of the storage. Pretty annoying, but whatever. I haven’t tried a different SD card, but I doubt that’s the issue. If you find a solution, I’d really appreciate it if you let me know!

That sucks. Overall I’m really happy with the router I just wish there was a bit more flash storage. If you need the storage try a usb drive since I think it’ll be more stable (it also worked a bit better for me but I want to use an sdcard) I tried two cards and they kind of worked but would eventually corrupt after a reboot or two which I understand can happen with sd cards but it doesn’t happen when I pull the cord on my raspberry pi (while they are different systems it makes me wonder why the sd card immediately gets corrupted). Sorry for the ramble I’m just kind of frustrated :sob::sob:

Yeah it’s a great router overall, this is the only issue I’ve had. I’m just going to have to end up using a flash drive. A micro SD card is just a lot more convenient because it fits within the form factor of the router, but oh well. And yeah, it doesn’t seem like it’s an issue with the SD cards, it seems like it’s an issue with the driver or something related to the router.

Did you try following the guide referenced in the guide you linked? It’s at [OpenWrt Wiki] Extroot configuration. I recently followed the latter (albeit with different GL hardware, a GL-AR750 with Gl.iNet firmware based on OpenWrt 22) and it worked perfectly, verbatim (rare in any tutorial). I have not compared the mostly-GUI version that you followed. The GUI tutorial couuld now be out of date wrt to the source, and following the CLI version will give you better feedback as to the success of each step.

SD card slots can be finicky with respect to inserting and seat the card, so I would try to go through the full process without disturbing it, and yes, try another SD card if you’ve done everything right and still no luck.

Thanks for the info. I will try that now and report back in the next couple of weeks.

This did not fix the issue. I formatted the card, followed the instructions, and it was working fine (just like the GUI). But the next day whenever I plugged it back in, exact same issue. I may try another SD card, but at this point I’ll probably just switch to a USB drive for media and keep Samba/the media server on the internal storage. Thanks for everyone who tried to help!