MT-1300 - No internet in Repeater Mode

New device setup. I’ve got the new travel router setup at home connected to my local wifi in repeater mode however any clients that connect to the travel router wifi can’t reach the internet. The clients do not have this issue when they connect to the local wifi. I’m trying to get the travel router setup and configured correctly prior to leaving on a trip by using my local network to test. Everything is green on the dashboard. No VPN or Wireguard configuration setup at this point yet. Just got the router yesterday. Any tips?

Mode Switch: Router

Check two things:

What is your home router’s subnet? if it is also, you should change the travel router’s LAN IP to others e.g. to avoid IP confict.

Does your home router has mac address access control?

Home router subnet:
Travel router subnet:

My home router is Netgate (PFSense) but I’m not utilizing any MAC Address filtering. I’m thinking I’ve got to setup a double NAT in PFSense to be able to allow traffic to the travel router. I hope I’m over thinking this.

After 2 days of troubleshooting, resetting the firmware fixed the issue.

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