MT-2500: Ability to sort LAN reservations list

Hi there. For the MT-2500A, IP addresses can be reserved using the [Network > LAN] page. When adding new reservations or modifying existing reservations, it seems that the reservation last touched always gets moved to the bottom of the list. But this makes it very challenging to keep track of which reservations have been added. Typically, the whole point of reservations is that there is a specific order of IP addresses that should be assigned to a specific set of machines. So it seems like sorting reservations by IP address makes more sense than modification time.

Is there any way you could add the ability to sort this list by IP address instead of time last modified? The ability to sort on the Description column would be useful as well.


Sorting on the interface is not currently supported, we will consider adding it in a later release.
If you need to sort manually now, please edit the vi /etc/config/dhcp file to adjust the order of the config host.

Thanks. Yes, if you add that in a later release it will be greatly appreciated. Iā€™m not sure how to run the above command (I only use the web interface), but the current workaround is to modify and re-save each of the reservations. I start with the lowest one and end with the highest one (by IP). Saving without making any change updates the timestamps and lets me change the order. This is just very tedious when the number of reservations gets large.

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