Mt-2500 lan detected as 100mbps

upgraded my mt2500 to 4.4.5 stable last night, just found out my main router (rt-ac68u) detected the mt2500 lan connection at 100mbps, i pulled and replug the lan plug it then go back to a 1000mbps connection

don’t know how to recreate but this had happened before at previous firmware versions

Has it happened just that once, or does it happen regularly?

once few days ago i did a speedtest and the speed maxed at 100 when i expected 200+, it returned to normal maybe after i rebooted the router, cant remember

then this time found out its detected as 100mbps connection when i visited the main router page

only clue i can think of is it all happened after each firmware upgrade, but not verified

Only other reason I can imagine is the rj45 plug got dirty.

ok will give them some rubbing

if there’s no visible dirt that’s probably not the issue (and even then, it would only be on the cable side, not on the router)

I had a cable that when moved around would go from 1Gb to 100Mb on my original slate. I replaced it and have not seen the issue reoccur.


sounds very likely, i was moving around the pile of routers