MT-300N-V2 and Uboot

Hi all,

is the uboot procedure for V2 not the same for V1 or ARM ?

I try to power-on my new MT300N-V2 with reset button pushed but, after 4 blink of red led, the other 2 green led remain light on and I’m not able to open web page of uboot.

I correctly set my PC NIC with and I’ve tested this procedure more time with success on my AR150 and MT300A.

Another dubt is aboutExternal antennas:

In the short guide included in the box: “Do NOT use any external antennas”

In the Product spec tab on website GL-Inet ( is reported:

External antennas support: YES

So, I’m a little bit confused…






It should be exactly the same. I just tried.

The guide is for different versions. If you use internal antenna version, don’t use external antennas.