MT-300N-V2 led for VPN

I just updated my router firmware 3.203.
My middle led no longer is showing a VPN connection.

I installed Luci. There is no blue led in the drop down menu for led set up.

Any advice on how to regain this feature?

What LEDs are in the list? There should no blue LED for MT300N-V2

Here’s what comes up after the upgrade.

It used to use the middle led to show activity on the VPN.

Here is the drop down when I select edit for the first line.

There are two “greens”.
What is the correct entry for LED name, trigger and device?

I think the middle LED is the “gl-mt300n-v2:green:wan”

The web page says it should be blue.

I cannot get it to work.

Just omit the color.

What is your trigger, device and trigger mode?

For wireguard, it should be
trigger: netdev
device: wg0
trigger mode: Receive

Got it. Thank you.
After making changes to led line item and “Save & Apply”, it was necessary to reboot the device to have it take effect.