MT1300 3.2.11 Beta 3 File sharing issue

I’ve been running through testing the 3.2.11 betas and all three have had the same issue. File Sharing appears to install successfully but never get the option to apply. In order to get it functioning correctly, I have had to install a separate pkg.

Gl-files-brower has to manually be installed in order for everything to work as expected.

On a good note, my hotspot connection issues have been corrected with beta 3.

You may be able to try installing the package using the LuCI GUI. I think it is under System->Software.\

Also, you can try installing the packing in SSH using the opkg command.

I am able to install the package under plug-ins, however, it should install correctly as it has done in past versions. This was more to let the group know that this is still an issue in Beta3 so they have time to correct it.

Thanks for the explanation. I guess that’s why it is Beta :slight_smile:

I just tried and it works OK.

Maybe it is just the typo corrected causing the problem?

Correct, it only works properly if you go to the plugins and install the item that is misspelled otherwise file sharing doesn’t properly work.