MT1300 (Beryl) 3.201 firmware availability for downgrade?

Greetings all - I’ve been running a Beryl on 3.201 for months with zero issues. This morning I decided that I should probably upgrade to 3.203 to address some of the security bugs in 3.201.

After upgrade, I’m getting some of the old 3.200 behavior I used to experience with random disconnects from wifi (ethernet/vpn remain stable/connected) that disappeared with 3.201.

I tried the oops-track 3.203 image as well to see if that would fix my problems, but I’m seeing the same behavior on that image as well.

I’d like to downgrade back to the 3.201 but I can’t find that image on the downloads site. Where can I find a copy?

Thank you! If it was a snake it would have bitten me when I was downloading the oops-track build.