MT1300 can’t find wireless network

I have a beryl and it is unable to find my main router’s 5ghz network when i scan for networks to “repeat”. My 2.4ghz shows up fine. Now I can enter the network SSID using “other”, but that requires me to specify a channel. My main router is using auto for its channel selection. Furthermore, it happens to be 60 at this time when I connect to my main router on my computer; channel 60 is not an option for channel selection on the beryl, and there is no “auto” channel option. Not sure how to proceed…

Nevermind, solved my own issue. Seems like GL-inet doesn’t support DFS 5GHz channels… now I need to see what most routers use at hotels.


I had the same issue. By default it came configured for Chinese Wi-Fi channel.
To enable channel based on your country regulation you need to connect by ssh and edit the following file : /etc/config/wireless

On the part related to : config wifi-device ‘mt7615e5’
change the value of : option country ‘CN’
and : option aregion ‘10’
For my case I’ve put ‘7’ instead of ‘10’ to enable all channel of my country

Other value described in this post :

My Beryl is set to US. Supposing I were to change this to ETSI to enable me to connect to hotspots using the additional channels in Europe. Might this affect the ability of my other US devices (phone, laptops, etc) to connect to the Beryl?

If you connect your beryl to some 5ghz channel, the wifi network in 5ghz created by the bery will necessarily be with the same channel.
If this channel is is not available on your phone or laptop they will not be able to connect.
Otherwise you can use the 2.4ghz network to connect your devices with the beryl connected in 5ghz.

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