MT1300 Wireguard Server Speed

Hi, I setup my MT1300 as WG server on my home connection (300/300Mbps Fiber), wired behind a gigabit router with a Cat.6 cable, with correct port forwarding and DDNS settings.

The speed is only about 30Mbps when connecting from a neighbor’s connection as a WG client on a wired PC with the same fiber plan (300/300), although the MT1300 can achieve almost 120Mbps when acting as a WG client in my home. I also tried on Android client from different places with very strong connection and speed is still capped at around 30Mbps.

Is this due to harware limitations (i.e. WG server being 3-4x slower than WG client) or wrong setup?

I don’t think it is wrong setup.

WG server will be slower than WG client. But should not be so much difference.

Do you have other WG server? e.g. a pc to try?

Have you checked if your ISP’s real upload speed can reach 300Mbps?

Thanks. I didn’t try other servers, but my ISP speed is 300/300 for sure.

I just tested and I can only get 38Mbps when using as wireguard server. So this do seems a problem.