MT300 Settings to act as Ethernet port on existing network

Hi. Apologies for the newbie question. I’m usually pretty good with networking stuff but this has me stumped.

Purchased an MT300N-V2 (Mango) to provide a wired ethernet port for a weather station (Davis Weatherlink IP). I’d like the 300N to connect to my existing wireless network and then pass through the static address ( assigned to the Weatherlink.

The unit is set up in WDS mode and does appear to be connected to my WiFi network (and isn’t broadcasting its own WiFi signal, which is a good thing) but when I run an IP scanner I find that the MT300 has pulled its own IP address ( and my Weatherlink is assigned (so far, so good) but both devices show the exact same MAC address 96:xx:xx:xx:xx:9A on my network scanner software, which is the address of the Weatherlink IP device I believe (the MT300 starts with 94:xx…)

Any advice/thoughts on what I may have done wrong?


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