MT3000 5Ghz repeater does not show wifi networks

Just moved up to the 4.5.0 RC firmware for the GL-MT3000 Beryl AX and notice the 5GHz option for repeater mode still fails to show available wifi networks. Seems i need to drop back to 4.2.3 to get this working or stick with 2.4GHz. Seems i’m trading security for functionality if I do that.

Tried all timezone/country options without success. Is this issue known to GL as there are several posts on this topic?

If it works if you change your AP to channel 36?

Setting the AP to channel 36 does work.

Does v4.4.6 work? Please do a firmware reset to determine if it’s hardware damage.

Thanks hansome, i’ve done a firmware reset, installed v4.4.6 (changed AP’s to a non-36 channels), performed another reset and can confirm the MT3000 will now scan for and show all wifi networks.

i tried this exact procedure a month or so ago without success but everything seems to be working. Previously I could only get v4.2.3 to work like this.

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