MT3000/Beryl AX can't detect 5ghz wifi after update the firmware

Hi there,
First of all, I’m not very well educated to networking. Sorry in advance if I’m asking a dumb question.
I recently purchased the MT3000 and firmware 4.2.1 was pre-installed.
I connected it to 5ghz wifi signal and use my router as a repeater and everything worked fine until I got firmware upgrade notification to 4.2.2 and installing it this morning.
After I upgrade it, router can no longer detect the 5ghz signal, not just mine but in my whole apartment blocks. I can only see the 2.4ghz ones. Allowing DFS channel toggle does nothing either.
I tried to repair, reboot, reset firmware, re-installed the 4.2.1 firmware, 4.2.3 beta, factory reset, none of method working so far. MT3000 still can’t see the 5ghz channels.
Is there any solution for this?
Thank you,

Login to LuCi interface and navigate to the wireless tab. You can troubleshoot from there as the normal web gui might be buggy!

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