MT3000 Beryl Mesh Feature?

Hello dear,
I think the only feature missing on the powerful Beryl MT3000 is wifi mesh, for add multiple access point without hassle in large environment.

Can you add this feature in the near future?

Thanks! :smiley:

Hi,Unfortunately, we have no plans to add mesh functionality to the MT3000 in the near future.

what a pity :frowning:
I hope GL.inet can reconsider that in future.

It would be interesting to test.
OpennWRT supports 802.11s since 19.07, the Beryl AX is based on OpenWRT 21.x ā€¦ So it should be possible to activate it manually.
But be aware: It is a deep change, maybe it wonā€™t work and the whole router needs to be factory reset. It should not break anything.

See [OpenWrt Wiki] 802.11s Based Wireless Mesh Networking