MT3000 Configuration Issue

Can anyone help me figure out why my Firestick is being throttled after installing MT3000 as a router and having Orbi in AP mode? I have a 1.2/gbps connection and most devices seem to be behaving normally. My desktop hardwired is getting ~800mbps consistently and my iPhone is getting ~500mbps all over the house (orbi mesh). I haven’t had buffering issues in about 3+ years and now that I am using the MT3000 I am. My firestick is about a foot from the main Orbi wifi. Turning on/off adgaurd does not seem to help. I really want to like this device and hope it’s just user error. We stream everything and if this gets in the way I’ll have to get rid of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit - My firestick wasn’t getting a speed test result (even though it was working). Gave it a static IP address, rebooted and now seems to be cooperating. Multiple tests ~350mbs which is sufficient. Not sure why this was necessary. Going to let it stream a 10+gb movie and test.