MT3000 doesnt show Wifi

Even though there is a strong signal (50+Mbps) that I can connect to easily with my phone and my laptop, MT3000 doesnt show the hotel SSIDs in the available networks. I would expect a router to be able to better capture a signal than a phone. It’s not the issue with the Wifi SSID as the router shows and connects if I move to lobby and near the router. Again, when I check on my phone and laptop, Wifi shows full strength and am able to connect immediately with those devices. Others facing similar issues? I have upgraded to the latest version. Any thoughts? Pretty useless as a travel router if the range is so limited. Thanks

Maybe it is DFS?

Where did you purchase the router and where are you using the router?

I bought it in US from the GL site. Currently in Asia. Wasnt working in Vietnam, so changed the country to JP. Changed it back to US per suggestion from support and it’s working now. Dont understand why it wasnt working in the first place when I had it as US. I am just glad it’s working now. Thank you for the suggestion

I recently had similar problems using the MT3000 for the first time since purchasing it during a trip to India this week., where I stayed at two different hotels both with captive portal access only.

On the first hotel I was restricted to a single device and whilst trying to register ended up with my iPhone registered, however, after accessing this forum I eventually figured out the mac cloning technique which overcame this problem.

At the second hotel I could not see the hotel WiFi at all, despite my iPad, iPhone, and Windows laptop being able to see the WiFi. Again, I tracked a solution down on this forum and downgraded firmware from 4.5 to 4.2.2 and the hotel network and many other adjacent WiFi / hotspots appeared. I am just curious why GLiNet is not addressing what is quite clearly a problem after several firmware revisions??

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