MT3000 Timeout in response

I’ve been using my MT3000. It works great, I’ve been using it for months and even using it right now to forward wifi.

I notice it frequently reports “Timeout in response. Please check the network environment or reboot the device.” when I login and I can’t forward the WiFi.

I also notice while working on installing EasyTeather via SSH it will drop.
I can issue SSH 5 times and it will report “no route to host” on 4 of them and the 5th will work.
Sometimes in the shell I can push a key on the keyboard and it will take a minute to show up.

Any ideas how this can be troubleshot? Does your MT3000 do it?

Check the time settings in the router. I had a similar issue on my flint AX. It was giving random “invalid params” and the error message you have. I had to change the settings manually for it to stop as “sync”, which syncs to the device you are using, it didn’t seem to like for whatever reason it chose today… Bad star alignment? Who knows…

I upgraded firmware to 4.4.5 and it’s behaving MUCH better. No more drops, no more timeouts…etc.
So bug or something happened in previous version.

Sorry to have created this thread, I thought it may, could, possibly be related to my EasyTether problem. That one is still going…

Admin can delete this thread if you want…or maybe it will be useful for someone.