MT3000 USB Tethering broken when Repeater mode is ON

I think I hit a bug on 4.2.2 release3 (beta) on the MT3000 Beryl AX, it stops routing traffic to the internet when both the Repeater AND USB tethering are enabled.

I’ve tried to disable Multi-wan on the GUI, but it doesn’t help.

Connecting just the USB tethering device OR the Repeater works just fine.

I’ve also replicated the issue with multiple different USB tethering devices (incl. a mifi) and made sure all devices had different subnets to avoid eventual conflicts.

ps: I’m not willing to downgrade and test with older firmware, as the WIFI driver and MAC Clone were too buggy

Can you provide more logs? You can export this in the system->log

Here you go. Easy to replicate:

  1. Basic settings in my case: MAc clone enabled and set to a random address, AdGuard on, Repeater On in auto 2g/5g mode, Multi-wan priority order with Repeater first → Internet up
  2. Connect USB modem, leave Multi-wan in Failover mode with 1st prio on Repeater → Internet up
  3. Change Muti-wan 1st prio to Tethering → Internet down
  4. Disable Repeater, i.e. usb modem is the only ISP → Internet up
  5. Re-enable Repeater → Internet Down
  6. Change Muti-wan 1st prio back to Repeater → Internet up
  7. Remove USB Modem → Internet still up

Logs for the steps above: (9.6 KB)

@luochongjun is the above information enough for replicating and troubleshooting?

I think I found the answer to this question elsewhere.
You can try disabling the following firewall rules in luci ->network->firewall->traffic rules.

Wow, you’re right @luochongjun One of these settings did indeed cause the issue!

In fact, after further testing just one of the 4 rules must be disabled.

Are you planning to incorporate this change into the upcoming Stable firmware going forward?

It has been updated with the latest release 4.2.2 release2, which will be released soon.

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