MT300A - Building OpenWRT from GLI Trunk

Hi All,

I started to build the firmware from the GLI Trunk.

I kept the dmesg from the original GLI 2.24 firmware.

And then I started to build the firmware to have the default GLI kernel.

I’m pretty close to have an iso kernel however some problem remains :

  • Memory and some adresses are different (Why ?)

  • The serial: 8250/16550 driver declare 2 ports (instead of 16) and the IRQ sharing is disabled (It should be enabled)

  • ‘Bridge firewalling registered is not present’ however according to Netfilter/iptables [Old OpenWrt Wiki] this should be set in /etc/sysctl.conf. I guess some files need to be added under files. Is this file available somewhere ?

  • u32 classifier, input device check on, Actions configured (Not present in my build) ??

  • Mirror / redirect action on (Not present in my build) ??

  • Around 45.08 in the original 2.24 there are some wlan0 not present in my build. I guess this is the wifi startup.

Any help will greatly appreciated.


hi, can you describe your issues in more detail? I’m sorry that I cannot understand you questions.


I need to compile the firmware to install new features. I built the available firmware based on LEDE project. However I got troubles, wifi were not working. I try to find the best stable base to start my projects. I started to build the firmware from the GLI git trunk and noticed that the kernel log from the 2.24 and the one built from the repo doesn’t match. How to be sure to have a stable plaftorm ? So my first step is to mimic the 2.24 kernel that way I hope to have at least a stable version.

I was expecting to compile the 2.24 image from the GIT source, however it is not the case. I got something different than your build. I don’t really understand why.


each time you build a firmware, the kernel version maybe different. So, it is not because of it is trunk or stable.

Each time we public a new firmware, we have to compile all the kernel packages and software packages.

Thanks for your support.

I successfully build a firmware from trunk.

I had to remove lighttp and use uhttpd otherwise Luci didn’t show up.

I post my

I noticed also that from this build three GLI packages are missing :

  • glinet

  • glxinet

  • ucidat

No idea what’s missing in my built firmware.