MT300A - DHCP Issue

Hi All,

I’m testing my firmware built from the GLI repo and I face some issue :

  • the wan get it’s ip address, gateway and dnses addresses from our internal dhcp server. ok

  • the wlan get it’s ip address from the router dhcp server. ok

however the eth0.1 can’t get any ip address. I need to force my laptop to be on to access the router.


eth0.1 is the LAN. You need to set a static IP, right?


Yes you are right eth0.1 is the LAN.

I don’t want to set a static IP address as I expected like the wlan0 to get an IP from the router DHCP server.


Hi All,

Some feedback.

  • Tested with the GLI firmware 2.24, no trouble on dhcp on both lan and wlan

  • Tested with my own compiled version, see the.config here attached, no trouble on dhcp on both lan and wlan

  • However as I tried to build an appropriate firmware for radiusdesk,

In this configuration wlan gives me an IP address while eth0.1 doesn’t. I need to investigate on the radiusdesk setup side.