MT300N Lost Configuration


We recently purchased over 1000 pcs of the MT300N mini router. We are not the end user but our service dept. has reported that some of these units have actually lost their configuration. In some cases full factory reset in others only the LAN IP which we change to These routers are on FW 2.22 and 2.25.

Is this possible while the devices are obviously powered on? If so, do we have faulty HW? How can this be avoided?

Don’t have much more information as this was just reported to me but what like to get ahead of the game if this is a known issue.


Thanks in advanced for any help with this,





HI Gerry,

As you are business client please contact us via email directly. Someone will take care of you.

Until now we only have report for AR300M lost configurations but Not MT300N. MT300N use Nor flash which is very stable.

There is only one situation that MT300N will lose it configuration: the flash is full because too many data is written in it.

By the way, please let the users upgrade to firmware v2.261 which is just released.