MT300N-V2 AES offload

The SoC in MT300N-v2 supports AES offload

Is there any plan for this capability to be added to LEDE for this device? OpenVPN performance for AES256 should be significantly improved

Or is there a limitation for the AES offload in this device?

It is possible to make the AES security engine work. There are some info on the Internet about making this work in openwrt.

But there is also info about that openvpn speed will be improved just a little. I am not sure if this worth the effort.

OpenVpn protocol itself is the problem. It is using small packet which affect encryption a lot.

Thank you, i did find the mtk_aes module and compiled it into lede. It appears to work OK for SSL timings (very very well)… but when openvpn is used with the module the packets are not crypted corrrectly. i checked it was using cryptodev but it did not do too much


what is your recommendation for a reasonable price GL.inet product which supports hardware AES offload for openvpn?

B1300 support hardware AES as well. But there is still some problem.

Openvpn is a trouble for this.