MT300N-V2 and OpenVpn

Hello everybody,
i’m a newbie router owner.
I’m trying to explain my situation:

  • i’ve a provider router ip class
  • i’ve connected my new MT300 to my laptop using wifi, and i’ve set M300 LAN IP as
  • i’ve connected by lan cable M300 to router using wan port; rouetr set ip to M300 router;
  • i set the forwarding rule to for 1194 port;
  • using wifi, i’ve created a “open vpn server file” from router openvpn page
  • i’ve just edit this file, changed the fix ipv4 ip with my acconunt;
  • i’ve copy and used this file on my smartphone openvpnapp;
  • from my smarthphone usig 4g netwoark is impossible connect to M300N router.

My provider router has not openvpn page configuration, i’d like to resolve using M300.

some idea to fix this problem?

Very best regards


PS: From my desktop pc, if i call in browser page does not appear anythings, is it right?

Are you sure your “provider router” has given you a Public IP address? If your ISP is giving you an IP in the private IP address space you will never be able to reach your “provider router” IP address when starting the communication from the Internet.

About your second question, The WAN IP of your MT300 is If you want to be able to open the Admin Panel via web when typing that IP on your browser, you need to go to Admin Panel > Firewall > Open Ports on Router and enable port TCP 80.

Here a screenshot:

Does your main router have a public IP address? You should look at the IP address from your main router, and compare with, to see if they are identical.

Thanks, opening port 80 on the GL-inet now I can see the admin panel of the VPN router from the 1st ISP modem router. But how safe is it opening port 80?

Not safe. Do not use 80 if not necessary.