MT300N-V2 Bricked


I tried to update the firmware on my MT300N-V2 but for some reason it didn’t work and I have bricked the router.

I have followed the instructions here Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs but when I upload the firmware the screen says ‘Update in Progress’ and doesn’t change.

I left it for 20 mins and then I reverted the IP settings but the router still doesn’t work and I can’t access the router settings page.

Is there any other way of recovering the router?

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Uboot usually works without problem.

Can you pls check if you used the correct firmware


Thanks for responding, I’ve had another try at it and managed to get it working so it must have been something I wasn’t doing correctly.


can you link the firmware you used? i already try a few and still the same problem, update never finish and the pc never gets and ip or the wifi

i changed the powercable and did the uboot upload again, and after 10min the page didn’t reload but the 2leds got fixed and the wifi got turned on