MT300N-V2 "cannot update wan"

I decided to set my MT300N-V2 back to the factory defaults because I couldn’t get to the webui. I held down the reset button and got a fresh page.

When I go to set it to “Repeater” mode, I get an error. It sees my wifi network and I fill in the rest of the blanks, choosing WDS (my router can handle it) and when I press Save, I get “cannot update wan.”

I’d set it up via LUCI, but holy crap, I’m no network genius and don’t know exactly what all needs to be tweaked in there.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

When you use WDS in MT300N-V2, pls input a LAN IP in the same subnet of your main router. The driver needs it. This only happens in mt300n-V2.

For example, if your main router is 1.1, the IP could be 1.10 or something

WDS usually only works on same kind of devices.

If you set it up on luci, pelase reset to factory and try on our GUI. MT300N-V2 uses closed wireless driver, which is not compatible with luci.

So, I’ve reset it back to factory, and answered the first questions. Then I went to turn on the repeater mode. I left everything default, so WISP and “remember this network” and picked my wifi network. It still says “Cannot update wan.”

Does something need to be changed from factory for me to be able to save those changes?

Which firmware version do you use? Is it the latest one?

Seems I met this problem before. Cannot remember exactly why.

What is the SSID you are trying to connect? Is there any special characters inside?

I’m on the latest firmware.

I have an SSID that is just five capital letters, nothing unusual. I’ve tried from different webbrowsers, though I have very limited access to windows (I have to ask my friend to come over with a windows computer); my devices are linux.

Is there a certain browser that is required?

Firefox, chrome or Safari should work.

IE doesn’t work well.